PLAY - the most frequently chosen network in Poland

  •   17M subscribers

  • services are available to 100% of the population in Poland

About P4 Sp. z o.o.

Play Group, part of the French Iliad Group, one of the largest telecommunications groups in Europe, is a leading provider of mobile services, fixed-line internet and digital television. It serves over 17 million customers and also provides comprehensive ICT solutions and a data center dedicated to business.

Play is constantly developing the most modern mobile network in Poland, which currently has over 11,500 base stations and covers nearly 100% of the Polish population, as well as a fiber optic network that will ultimately reach over 6 million households, providing customers in Poland with access to the highest quality fiber optic internet and freedom of choice.

PLAY growth story

New entrant


Play entered the market as the fourth mobile operator in 2007. Over the next few years, we managed to quickly build a scale (close to 15% market share) through innovation and effective execution including 24h MNP process and unlimited on-net offer.



Play continued value for money offers innovation by pioneering full-unlimited and family concepts in Poland.

As a consequence, we succeeded to become the leading operator for families and small businesses in 2017.



Now Play leverages its position among families and businesses to further enrich product portfolio (Generation, Unlimited TV, and Broadband offers) and extend lead into mobile-centric convergence.

Convergent contender


P4 becomes part of large European Iliad Group offering a next-generation network. The merger of Play and UPC Poland sets the stage for the expansion of complete fiber optic services and provides freedom of choice to the customers.