Play strategy is to build strong, digital and efficient mobile-centric telecommunication leader for families and small businesses in Poland. Our strategic plan is designed to deliver sustainable EBITDA growth and shareholder return.

Three pillars of Play strategy

Mobile-centric convergence (MCC)1

In Poland mobile-centric convergence is a convenient way to cover all telecommunications needs, available to ~100% of individuals, families and small businesses.

It is also the most efficient value creation strategy given geo-demographic and competitive factors on the Polish market.

PLAY is leveraging its #1 mobile market position and wireless DNA to extend lead into MCC via:

  • driving usage revenue through a ‘more-for-more’ value proposition;
  • increasing sales of devices, most of them with handset-related services;
  • becoming the third largest internet service provider in Poland; and
  • creating value by bringing a next-generation TV offer to the Big Screen.
First in digital

We constantly simplify operating model which gives us the edge in subsequent digitization of customer-facing & back-office processes. We continue to increase the automation of marketing & sales activities to drive the productivity of our sales channels. We lead in front office digitalization by migrating customer interactions from offline to online.

Our digital objectives include:

  • increasing productivity in shops and reducing calls by 20%;
  • acquiring 20% and retaining 30% of customers through remote channels and completing 50% of customer service transactions online; and
  • converting 70% of contract customers to the Play24 platform and moving 80% of customers to e-invoicing and e-payments.
Lean and 5G-ready infrastructure network

We continue highly efficient roll-out of a network, designed for data and equipped with a high capacity transmission.

PLAY's 5G-ready network will phase-out reliance on national roaming and continue to satisfy customer's growing demand for TV and high-speed broadband connectivity.

As a result, we envisage:

  • managing the gradual decline in National Roaming costs with the full switch off; and
  • returning medium-term cash CAPEX/revenue below 10% from 2021.

1 - Mobile-centric convergence is a provision of all voice, broadband, and TV services via single mobile technology platform

Two foundations
of Play strategy

Cost-efficient operating model

We embrace strict cost discipline and the continuous improvement of our processes to deliver a leading EBITDA margin in the industry. We adopt technology in a financially efficient way and proudly act as smart followers to optimize CAPEX spent.

Commercial excellence

We maintain superior distribution channels with the most extensive operator controlled shop network, and the most visited e-shop and website.

We have built the most recognized brand (the highest top of mind and 1st choice purchase consideration scores) through consistent communication strategy and the most impactful advertising campaigns in Polish telecommunications (the highest top-of-mind, most recalled, advertising).

Last update: September 30th, 2018