Clients using more services abroad than in Poland will pay for roaming.  We still have a good offer for pre-paid customers.


Based on the decision of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) PLAY modifies the functioning of Roam Like At Home offers for new post-paid, pre-paid and retained customers. Current customers of PLAY post-paid offers will use roaming on the existing RLAH terms.


As part of new offers, post-paid customers will receive a free 1 GB monthly package for use in EU roaming. In addition, they will be able to use calls and text messages as domestically. During weekend trips, winter or summer holidays, customers will not feel the difference compared to the current terms and conditions. The surcharges apply only after a period of 30 days during which the use of roaming services exceeds domestic use. If you do not use roaming within the next 30 days, the balance is reset and no additional charges are levied during the next trip. The changes will be effective as of January 26, 2018.


As a result of consultations with UKE, the surcharges have been set at a very low customer-friendly level, and are, respectively:

  • ​6 groszy per minute of outgoing call,
  • ​3 groszy per minute of incoming call,
  • ​1 groszy for an SMS or MMS sent,
  • ​1.2327 groszy per MB of data transmission


Example 1:

Marcin has signed a retention offer with Play on Feb 1st. He spent one week of winter holidays in Italy. He was using his 1 GB for free, he talked and sent SMSes for free. In June he is going to visit Greece for a 4 days business trip. He will get new 1GB and again he can use voice and text without additional cost. After 1 GB he will use data per 1.2327 grosz per MB.

Example 2:

Tomek has signed new contract with Play on Feb 1st. He works in Germany and for the first 30 days he talks, send SMS and use 1 GB internet for free. After 1 GB he uses data for 1.2327 gr/ MB. After 30 days he will pay for outgoing calls 6 groszy, 1 grosz for SMS and 1.2327 gr for every MB.


‘We considered various scenarios, including one increasing prices for domestic services. However, we decided that it would be in the interest of the majority of customers to use a surcharge mechanism, which would impact only a small group of customers at a reasonable level approved by UKE,’ says Jørgen Bang-Jensen.


The surcharges also apply to customers of pre-paid users and will be introduced as of March 1. The customers of the Formuła Unlimited na Kartę offer will receive a free roaming package every month, containing 100 minutes for calls, 50 SMS and 500 MB of data. After using the package, the above-mentioned surcharges will apply.

Remaining pre-paid customers will use roaming with the above surcharges. In pre-paid, we have a large group of customers using the EU roaming intensively, the introduction of small surcharges will allow maintaining the national offer at the current price level.


The above changes, based on the UKE decision, shall be in force until January 14, 2019.