Information on the introduction to trading and setting out of the first day of listing of Series A Bonds 28-02-2020

The Management Board of P4 sp. z o.o. ("Company") hereby reports that pursuant to the resolution no. 135/2020 of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange dated February 26, 2020, 1,500 series A bonds of the Company issued under the bond issue programme established by the Company ("Bonds") were introduced to the Alternative Trading System (Catalyst) operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange ("ASO GPW").

The first trading day of the Bonds in the ASO GPW will be February 28, 2020.
The Bonds were issued on 13 December 2019 pursuant to the Resolution of the Management Board of the Company No. 2019/270 dated 4 December 2019 and Resolution of the sole shareholder of the Company No. 
2019/84 dated 4 December 2019.

Legal basis: Article 17