The Management Board of P4 sp. z o.o. ("Issuer" or “P4”) hereby reports that the Issuer's Shareholders' Meeting held on December 19th, 2023, appointed Ewa Zmysłowska as the Management Board Member of P4, with an effective date as of 1st January, 2024.

Ewa Zmysłowska has joined P4 in 2018 as a Director of HR function and will continue to lead as a Chief People Officer. Ewa has over 20 year of experience in managing corporate HR.

Ewa graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and holds a Master's degree in European studies and is a graduate of European Studies Program run by Warsaw School of Economics together with Sciences-Po Institute in Paris. She is a certified ICC coach.

Ewa has gained her professional experience, among others, in the following companies:

Member of Supervisory Board of 3S DC SA. (from 10/2019 – now)

Member of Supervisory Board of 3S Box SA. (from 10/2019 – now)

PwC as Human Capital Director

Microsoft Polska as a Lead Recruiter for Poland and Central Europe.

Ewa Zmysłowska does not participate in a competing company as a partner in a civil law partnership or other partnership or as a member of any corporate entity body, and does not participate in any other competing legal entity as a member of its body. The appointed person is not entered in the Register of Insolvent Debtors kept pursuant to the Act on the National Court Register. Ewa Zmysłowska did not hold any positions in supervisory or management bodies of companies which would be declared bankrupt or be liquidated during her term of office.

Legal basis: § 5, sec. 1, point 9) of Schedule no. 4 of the to the Bylaws of the Alternative Trading System