The Management Board of P4 sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw (the “Issuer”), with reference to the current report EBI 1/2021 of January 11, 2021, on convening the bondholders meeting (the “Bondholders Meeting“) of series A bonds issued by the Issuer (the “Bonds”) hereby reports that on February 3, 2021 a Bondholders Meeting was held with the use of means of electronic communication only (in accordance with the notice convening the Bondholders Meeting).

The Bondholders Meeting adopted resolutions no. 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. The minutes from the Bondholders Meeting constitute an attachment no. 1 to this current report. The terms and conditions of the Bonds amended by resolution no. 5 entered into force on February 3, 2021. The consolidated text of the Terms and Conditions of the Bonds constitutes an attachment no 2 to this current report.

Statement of the Management Board of the Issuer on its consent to the amended terms and conditions of the Bonds provided for in resolution no. 5 of the Bondholders Meeting constitutes an attachment no 3 to this current report.

Legal basis: § 5 sec. 1 point 8 of Schedule no. 4 of the to the By-laws of the Alternative Trading System

Appendix 2 - Terms and conditions of the bonds A - PL (PDF)   

Appendix 2 - Terms and conditions of the bonds A - English translation (PDF)   

Appendix 3 - Issuer statement (PDF)   

Appendix 1 - Bondholder meeting 3.02.2021r. (PDF)